Observer: Coalition Indonesia Raya Create Jokowi hostage

A political observer assess the proposed coalition formation Indonesia Raya by politicians PAN, Amien Rais, increasingly asserted the direction of the party coalition with Gerindra, simultaneously causing PDI (PDI-P) is increasingly hostage.

"I think the statement of the Coalition of Greater Indonesia Amien also further confirms the direction PAN coalition with Gerindra. Instead PDIP increasingly held hostage," said a political observer, University of Indonesia, Agung Suprio, who contacted from Jakarta on Friday.

Rais proposed coalition formation Indonesia Raya is not glued to the coalition of Islamic parties, but also draws strength nationalist party. He considered the central axis of the coalition will not be able to bear the burden of the nation alone.
Proposed coalition formation Indonesia Raya raised in the meeting Amien figures and leaders of Islamic parties in Cikini, Jakarta, Thursday (17/4) night.

According to Amien, a coalition party dichotomy central axis with the nationalist parties had fought irrelevant because the current nationalist and Islamic parties also nationalist party also has religious cadre.

General assesses the idea of ​​the formation of the Coalition of Indonesia Raya by Amien Rais was a form of realistic options for Hatta Rajasa and Amien Rais.
Hatta opportunities coupled with Golkar candidate, Bakrie, Bakrie will run aground since been declared wanted was accompanied by a couple who came from Javanese blood. Meanwhile, Hatta bloody Sumatra.

If Hatta paired with Joko Widodo, the intention would be hampered by the negative sentiment of other PAN leaders that Amien Rais to Jokowi.
"Hatta task is to expand the base of support from Democrats. On the other hand, PDIP or Jokowi hostage by ‘political lockdown’ like this," he said.

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Supreme measure figures in the party loyalists who had already locked the door to not coalesce with PDIP, such as Rhoma Irama in PKB and PAN, Amien Rais. While the Democratic Party, there is a gap between Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and Megawati Sukarnoputri.
"In this context, the Hatta live captured the hearts of SBY from the Golkar Party persuasion," he said.


Ask KPAI International Kindergarten Blood Test All Employees

Cases of sexual harassment experienced by students kindergarten ( TK ) International in the area of ​​Pondok Indah , South Jakarta , attracted the attention of observers of children . Even the Indonesian Child Protection Commission ( KPAI ) met with the Jakarta International School ( JIS ) . During the meeting , urged the school KPAI perform blood tests on all employees JIS . This was done to ascertain who the main perpetrators of the harassment.

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It was delivered by General Secretary Erlinda KPAI after meeting the JIS , Jakarta , Tuesday ( 04/15/2014 ) .
" For the issue of sanctions , the KPAI gave them to the authorities pending investigation . However , if it’s proven negligence JIS , JIS must then accept sanctions tolerant , " said Erlinda .
According to Erlinda , so that similar cases do not happen again , schools are encouraged to tighten the guard school , replace all cleaning service and OB .
" And do blood tests on all employees to be able to capture the main actor for allegedly remained free . Within two to three days , the JIS will perform blood tests and KPAI will assist to prevent fraud , " said Erlinda .
Previously it was revealed the boy with the initials AK ( 6 ) allegedly accepted sexual abuse committed some school janitor . For a while the police have named two male suspects , namely AI and VA , who immediately arrested . Another suspect AF while a woman who was arrested because there was not enough evidence .

According to the Head of Public Relations Jakarta Police Commissioner Rikwanto , the abuse was carried out in the school toilet by a suspect who is a toilet attendant and has a psychological disorder .

" Every day they see who can be fooled that is the victim , " said Rikwanto . Previously , Rikwanto revealed , the two suspects who have been detained under sentence of a maximum of 5 years in prison . They will be charged under Article 292 Book of the Criminal Justice Act on sexual harassment and the Child Protection Act .


Cut Tumpeng Birth of the GCC Chapter Opens Bekasi

GCC ( Great Corolla Club ) , TACI ( Toyota Avanza Club Indonesia ) , and CSI ( Chevy Spin Indonesia ) recently held a get together ( gathering ) in Transera Lantern Park , City of Hope Indah Bekasi on March 29, 2014 .

Besides the friendship forum antarketiga community event involving 250 participants , this officially marks the birth of the GCC Chapter Bekasi .

The event marked the launch of the cutting cone by GCC chairman Om Ivan Cahyadi Bekasi and handed over to the Chairman of the Indonesian GCC Om Syahril Aink . The explosion of fireworks and hoisting banners help fuel the festive evening unforgettable week for members of the Bekasi chapter of GCC .

Gathering and launching event was attended by some of the GCC Chapter such as Jakarta , Bogor , Karawang , Indramayu and Bali . Games for the kids , live music entertainment interspersed with a surprise gift for the division participants graced the event . All participants of the three clubs blend together to get to know one another.

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The event that began this afternoon until the evening closed with a group photo Transera Party , Great Corolla Club , Toyota Avanza Club Chevy Spin Indonesia and Indonesia.


Ubuntu skill performance in Mobile Meizu

Jakarta - For a long time no hear , the news about Ubuntu re-circulated . This time the OS is made ​​by Canonical skill performance via phone Meizu previously mentioned would be the first smartphone Ubuntu .

Through a video , run Ubuntu using mobile phone Meizu MX3 look is smooth . Ubuntu allegedly used a final version and just waiting for the time of its release .

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In addition , the overall Ubuntu running on Meizu MX3 also thrusts the look and manner of use are quite different . Especially when compared with Android as the OS is going to be the strongest competitor .

Because both based on open source , a number of speculators calling Ubuntu has a strong potential to compete with Android . Moreover, coupled with the magnitude of its community support .

Unfortunately it is still not clear when Ubuntu started to enter the mobile phone market . But for the gadget enthusiast who are curious to try it , Ubuntu has been fully supportive of the use of the Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 .

Here’s a video on cell phone use Ubuntu Meizu MX3 .


Start Torch Festival parade Legu Gam

Gam Legu Festival officially started 13th in the town of Ternate , North Maluku , Sunday ( 04/13/2014 ) . The festival is an annual event held by the Sultanate of Ternate was supported by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy .

Boki Ratu Nita Budhi EMPRESS Susanty , said the festival is an event for the people of Ternate to celebrate and rejoice in celebrating the 79th anniversary of Sultan Shah H Mudaffar . In addition the festival will also be a promotion for tourism in the city of Ternate .

Commencement of the festival is marked with the torch relay ” Gam Ma Light ” performed on Saturday night or the day before the opening ceremony began . Became a symbol of the torch lights given by the Sultan to the people of Ternate .

In the relay event , Sultan torch lit first and then the torch will be carried around the town of Ternate by a servant . Hundreds of people participated in the parade and before leaving they prayed to have the power of walking around the city of Ternate .

COMPASS IMAGES / Roderick ADRIAN Mozes Mudaffar H. Shah Sultan of Ternate , accompanied by Empress Sultan of Ternate , Boki Ratu Nita Budhi Susanty , getting paraded toward the opening of the Festival Legu Gam 13th in Ngara Lamo , Ternate , North Maluku on Sunday ( 04/13/2014 ) . The festival which runs until April 26 showing various cultural activities such as carnival , street fashion , cruising the ocean Kie Raha also became a celebration of the 79th anniversary of the Sultan of Ternate .
On Sunday morning , the Sultan of Ternate , accompanied by Empress follow the ritual prayer , then paraded to the stage of the people in the afternoon .

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The festival which runs until Saturday ( 26/04/2014 ) will be filled with carnival culture , street fashion , to cruising the ocean Kie Raha - surfing using boats to visit four sultanate in North Maluku , namely Ternate , Tidore , Bacan , and Jailolo .


Fujitsu’s World Tour is held again April

Fujitsu will hold a grand road show to meet its customers around the world through the ” Fujitsu’s World Tour 2014 ” from April to September 2014 with the theme ” Reshaping ICT - Reshaping Business and Society ” .

Through this time roadshow , Fujitsu wants to continue the success of Fujitsu World Tour in previous years , where last year more than 8,000 visitors to suck , Fujitsu Indonesia said in a press release received by AFP on Friday .

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" Fujitsu’s World Tour 2014 presents a variety of innovation and ICT solutions aimed at businesses of all sizes around the world , " said President Director of Fujitsu Indonesia Achmad S Sofwan .

With innovative solutions are introduced , the complexity of the technology is expected to be trimmed and business values ​​can be improved .

Implementation of this world tour will feature a wide range of services , solutions , mobile devices , as well as the latest data center systems from Fujitsu .

" Through the presentation materials , special sessions , education of the experts , as well as the complete exhibition and large , we want to show and to discuss how business organizations can adopt and manage technology in a more efficient and innovative in order to achieve its business objectives . "

A trend in the arena of the World Economic Forum called ’ hyperconnected world’ besides creating huge opportunities for the intensified collaboration , also opening it up to the emergence of business risks and uncertainties .

Together with the main sponsor organizing roadshows this time , namely Intel , and other partners participating , such as Brocade , Cisco , Citrix , Microsoft , NetApp , Oracle , SAP , SEP , SUSE and Symantec , Fujitsu will showcase the entire range of its latest portfolio believed to be the spotlight of the world .

Some of the products that will be shown during the course of the event is FUJITSU STYLISTIC Q704 Tablet , FUJITSU LIFEBOOK U904 is equipped with an integrated scanner blood vessels , and the FUJITSU ETERNUS storage systems that have broken the world record .

For server product line , a family of products will be displayed anyway FUJITSU PRIMEQUEST 2000 launched recently and has been equipped with a variety of innovative functionalities in support of critical tasks , as well as a variety of the latest models of FUJITSU PRIMERGY servers .

One of the topics raised in the Fujitsu World Tour 2014 include ” Big Data and High Performance Computing ” .

For the main presentation sessions , featured speakers Sofwan S Ahmad , President , Fujitsu Indonesia , as well as experts from various fields of industries that will provide most actual information about the latest ICT trends .


Over 20 students stabbed at U.S. schools

Stabbing of 20 high school students occurred in the state of Pennsylvania , United States , officials said .
Alleged perpetrator of a male student was arrested at Franklin Regional High School in Pittsburgh , local media partners ABC News .

Injured, at least four of them seriously injured , aged 14-17 years and had been taken to hospital .
Click the school was closed while police examine the site .
" Critical incident occurs in middle school . All elementary schools are closed , middle school students are safe," school officials wrote in a bulletin after the incident Wednesday morning .

Four students were seriously injured , while the other students injured because of the chaos after the attack , said emergency management spokesman Dan Stevens told the Associated Press .

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Television footage of the incident shows a group of students standing outside the school while ambulances seen nearby.
Parents of a student told CBS television that his daughter was in ” panic ” called and said his friend was stabbed at school in Murrysville .

" I never thought this could happen , " he said, adding he had previously thought safe residence .


U.S. Dollar Still Many Hunted, Euro 2014 is estimated Rp11.058

Bank Indonesia ( BI ) has maintained its benchmark interest rate ( BI Rate ) in the range of 7.5 percent . Bank Indonesia sees the economy today is moving in a positive direction and the corresponding estimates .

However , Bank Danamon chief economist Anton Hendranata , assess the policy will remain tight this year . Therefore , he can still see BI raised its benchmark interest rate .

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" We do not rule out the possibility of a rate hike , and still see there is still a potential for 25 bps rate hike , especially if external sentiment deteriorates and affects Rupiah , " he said in a statement in Jakarta .

He saw the possibility of increased pressure on the Rupiah may not be too big . While external factors , the majority of market participants see the presence of trimming sentiment further stimulus from the Fed .

"Nevertheless , we still have to be careful to request the United States dollar ( U.S. ) higher , because in May-June is the season for the payment of dividends , " he explained .

However, he believes the pressure on the Indonesian economy is only temporary , because the economic fundamentals are still on the right track . He saw positive results on the election will help boost economic confidence .

" We maintain our forecast the rupiah may strengthen to around Rp11.058 per USD at the end of the year , " he said .


Advertise sarcastically MH370, British Airways Apologizes

British Airways apologizes for ads that are considered not on time . The ad invites passengers to fly to the Indian Ocean . This ad appeared just a few days after it was revealed that Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 flight number may have fallen in the region .

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The ads were previously installed on the escalator at Euston Station in central London . Loading photos BA plane flying over the sea , the ad reads : ” Run away from the bustle and discover the Indian Ocean . “

Photos of the ad is then uploaded to Reddit by someone , before finally spreading in various social media . ” To those who say the picture is fake , they are wrong , ” comments on Reddit .

The airline later apologized on his Twitter page after a month thereafter on social networking sites and the accused is not sensitive . ” The journey across the Indian Ocean in our schedule far in advance . However does not deserve mention at this time . We’re sorry , ” wrote British Airways official Twitter account . ( Read : Family Demands Proof Victims MH370 Aircraft Fall )

Today is a military aircraft saw debris in the Indian Ocean . But officials say it will take until tomorrow to ascertain whether these objects are associated with MH370 aircraft . In a statement , the Australian Maritime Safety Authority , AMSA , said the search area moved 680 kilometers to the northeast of its original location , when the New Zealand military aircraft , one of the nine aircraft involved in the search , finding these objects .

AMSA states need to be confirmed by the discovery of the ship is expected to arrive in the area tomorrow . ( Read also : The Story of Victims MH370 )

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Search area diverted after a new analysis of radar data says that MH370 fly faster than expected . This makes use of more wasteful of fuel , which may have reduced the distance to fly aircraft . ( Read : Natural Anticipated Damage Navigation MH370 )

source:http://www. tempo .co/

Kunjungan ke hutan buah dan kacang Kyrgyzstan

Jurusan bahasa Inggris di University of St Andrews di Skotlandia , Sarah Garnett bergabung FFI untuk magang pada bulan Agustus , perjalanan ke Kyrgyzstan untuk melihat beberapa pekerjaan kami di salah satu tempat paling indah di dunia …

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Dari Bishkek kita bepergian ke Osh dan melaju ke keindahan kota Jalal Abad beringsut kita menuju tujuan desa kami di hutan buah dan kacang Kyrgyzstan .

Kota ini sun-dipenuhi dan berdebu dan bau naan dan teh berembus melalui udara , desa kafe penuh teman-teman berbicara selama makan siang yang panjang . Tempat pasar sibuk , tapi - seperti pasar-pasar lainnya - pemilik menahan diri dari menekan pembeli potensial , menciptakan pengalaman belanja yang menyenangkan . Persik , apel, anggur , plum , rempah-rempah dan kacang-kacangan menggoda pengunjung untuk memiliki camilan , dan harga sangat wajar bahwa itu berharga untuk membantu !

Kami meninggalkan kota dan kepala desa pertama kami . Kecepatan sopir kami mendapatkan julukan ” King of the Road ” . Dia mengedipkan lampu nya mendorong driver lambat untuk menghasilkan , dan tetap stabil , setuju kontak mata saat ia melewati mereka . Seperti kita berkendara selatan kita melihat sapi, domba dan kuda bergerak menuju padang rumput baru , digiring oleh anak laki-laki dan perempuan pada kuda dan keledai . Setelah pindah di lembah itu, pada akhir Agustus , menyerupai gurun , kami tiba di tujuan kami yang nyaman terletak di lereng gunung yang subur .

Saya langsung terpesona oleh pegunungan terjal dan bau buah-buahan manis di udara , dan gembira oleh sungai-sungai yang kuat yang membesut menuju lembah . Anda bisa keliru bila berpikir Anda berada di Andes jika bukan karena panggilan untuk doa yang menggema hingga sore hari .

Mencari solusi untuk masalah usia tua -

Jika Anda berjalan dari desa Kara - Alma Anda akan menemukan diri di hutan penuh kenari dan apel . Sayangnya , kebutuhan mendesak untuk kayu bakar di musim dingin ( yang telah dibandingkan dengan Siberia dan sering berlangsung sampai April) telah memberikan kontribusi , dari waktu ke waktu , deforestasi serius di sini .

Untuk mengatasi hal ini , Fauna & Flora International ( FFI ) bekerja untuk membangun bidang tanah dengan cepat tumbuh pohon , yang kemudian dapat dikorbankan untuk kayu bakar daripada pohon-pohon kuno lembah Fergana .

FFI juga telah bekerja sama dengan sebuah organisasi bernama Masyarakat Pariwisata Berbasis ( CBT ) untuk mendorong cara yang berbeda untuk menghasilkan pendapatan di desa-desa . Kami tiba di desa Kara - Alma untuk seminar FFI yang disponsori menghasilkan keuntungan dari pariwisata . CBT ini karyawan Rukhsora berbicara tentang harapannya bahwa dua puluh tahun dari sekarang desa akan memiliki peningkatan infrastruktur dan akan dikenal ke seluruh dunia . Dia membahas keindahan alam padang rumput di mana kuda-kuda merumput dan lebah sibuk dan menjelaskan bagaimana pengunjung asing akan memperluas cakrawala anak-anak .

Keindahan wilayah Fergana dan menarik orang-orang , tersenyum dan berwawasan yang mendesak satu untuk mengunjungi lagi dan lagi .

Dalam Kyzyl Unkur ( tujuan kedua ) , koordinator desa - yang telah menjadi guru selama 23 tahun - mengatakan kepada kita bahwa anak-anak diwajibkan untuk memenuhi di luar kelas dan mendiskusikan pentingnya melestarikan hutan buah dan kacang . Pemikiran modern seperti pasti untuk menyelamatkan hutan kuno ini , dan itu adalah mendorong untuk mendengar bagaimana kepentingan lokal dalam keberlanjutan membantu upaya FFI untuk menjaga mereka .

Mengajarkan generasi berikutnya tentang pentingnya alam sangat penting . kredit :
Perjalanan ke Issyk -Kul

Kami tiba di Issyk -Kul untuk sebuah lokakarya dengan Sarychat - Ertash tim Nature Reserve, yang bertahan musim dingin brutal untuk memastikan bahwa hewan tidak rebus . Tim menunjukkan keramahan yang besar, goreng ikan lokal , membuat roti dan melayani kita mango jus dengan senyum gembira dan banyak percakapan . Mereka menunjukkan kepada kita video kehidupan sehari-hari pada cadangan di mana mereka berpatroli di pegunungan di atas kuda .

Karakol tepat di Issyk -Kul , sebuah danau yang menyerupai laut dan lebih dingin dari Laut Utara . Pada hari lokakarya lima belas pria dan wanita berkumpul untuk membuat rencana pengelolaan konservasi cadangan . Staf FFI memberi nasihat dalam bahasa Rusia dan Inggris, dan menekankan pentingnya rencana pengelolaan .

Cookie dan kopi yang diberikan setiap beberapa jam dan tampaknya bahwa setiap orang memiliki minat dalam melestarikan habitat gunung dan spesies .

Tim cadangan memiliki wajah bijaksana dari tahun menantang kondisi sengit untuk kebaikan alam. Mereka membahas pentingnya mencegah perburuan dan melestarikan ekosistem gunung untuk generasi mendatang . Salah satu anggota unit membawa kami ke dataran tinggi pegunungan di Issyk -Kul dan semakin tinggi kita punya , semakin biasa indah itu . (see also: vitamin burung)

Dari senyum di wajah kami , tidak akan ada pertanyaan tentang pentingnya menjaga tempat ini , yang pasti salah satu yang paling indah dan unik di dunia .

source:http://www. fauna-flora .org/