Today, Suryadharma Submits Letter of Resignation to President

Suryadharma Ali will submit his resignation as Minister of Religious Affairs to President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono at Bogor Palace , Wednesday ( 05/28/2014 ) . The delivery of this letter is a follow up of the meeting with the President Suryadharma last week when discussing the organization of the Hajj corruption case that makes Suryadharma named as a suspect .

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Deputy Secretary General of the United Development Party Joko Purwanto said , on Tuesday ( 05/27/2014 ) night , expressed his intention Suryadharma submitted his resignation as minister to a board of the PPP region .

" He would tell these days directly to the President in the Palace , " Joko said when contacted on Wednesday .

According to him , at a meeting with SBY Suryadharma ‘ve actually wanted to prepare his resignation papers . However , the President asked the PPP Chairman explained how the problem first .

" He has to say to the President , that the desire of the ministers resign from the position because he wanted to focus undergo the legal process ," said Joko .

Separately , presidential spokesman Julian Aldrin Pasha claimed not to know the agenda of the meeting with SBY Suryadharma today . He simply explained that since this morning , the President and several ministers conducting a closed meeting at Bogor Palace .

" We are all still meeting in Bogor . To this day , the agenda of the President everything in Bogor Palace , the two internal ratas . I have not been able information about the arrival of Mr. SDA , " said Julian .

Previously , Suryadharma already explained about its performance as secretary to the President . He explained about allegations of corruption organizing hajj . However , Suryadharma denied involvement in the case and feel the KPK is just misunderstood . The President then requested that the Chairman of the United Development Party submitted his resignation in writing .

Commission calls Suryadharma abusing his authority as a minister in the procurement process of lodging the Hajj , the catering , the pilgrimage , and transportation . Suryadharma also been prevented from traveling abroad .


Exposed concrete, Sustainable Materials?

Recent trends are occurring in households is the use of exposed concrete floor . Not only because the concrete is relatively strong and able to perform in harmony with a variety of decorating styles , also save money .

However , as homeowners are wise , you should not just resigned on the material in the house . Melanie Loftus , Houzz contributor gives three questions you can ask the contractor to ensure the exposed concrete so the healthy choice for you and the environment .

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The first question you may ask is , what the content in the concrete mix ? Contractor shall consider the strength and performance of concrete . One ingredient that is now crowded discussed is the use of fly ash ( fly ash ) from coal .

" There is some debate about the environmental friendliness of coal fly ash . Abu fly is a byproduct of burning coal and contain heavy metals , such as lead and mercury . However , when fly ash is added to concrete , these elements have some keuntugan , including improving recycled content and reduce the amount of Portland cement required in the mix , "said Loftus .

The second question you can ask is about sealing ( sealant ) or stain . Once you are satisfied with the mix in the concrete , now you need to give more attention to its water proof coating .

" I advise you to choose coatings and colorants are low VOC (volatile organic compounds) , and avoid wax coatings and films that do not need re- coating on a regular basis , " he added .

Next, ask another question , namely how to clean and care for the concrete floor . Concrete floors do not last long if his finishing was not strong or damaged when cleaned . Concrete floors can actually survive for the age of the building if treated properly . This type of floor , according to Loftus , also reduces dust and low humidity can collect allergens .


Find Money snack, middle and high school student Robber Courting Couple

Robbery targeting young couples who are dating, BL (18) and AA (16), was still a student.

"The suspect BL is a high school student in the class I suspect Cipayung and AA is a third-grade students in junior high Ciracas," said Head of the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Metro East Jakarta Police, Sr. Comr Sugiarto Educate, Friday (23/05/2014) evening.

Didik said robbery used two actors to snack. “Make everyday needs of their course, to snack-snack. Was not to buy liquor,” he said.

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Both suspects, added Educate, has now been arrested. They were charged with Criminal Code Article 365, paragraph 4 of the Theft with Violence and Criminal Code Article 170, paragraph 2 of the Ill-weight, with the heaviest penalty of a minimum of 7 years in prison.


In the Middle “Medical Check-up”, Jokowi Message Herbal Wear

On the sidelines of a medical at Gatot Subroto Army Hospital in Central Jakarta , Thursday ( 22/05/2014 ) afternoon , presidential candidate Joko Widodo book carrying herbs . There are at least three carrying herbalist requested directly by Jokowi . One person coming into medical check - up , while the other two serve the demand of journalists .

One herbalist was named Tugiarti ( 55 ) . Women from Karanganyar , Solo, Central Java , said had twice asked to come to an event by Jokowi through his team . ” First Instruction met in the market , both in Kaffir Lime . Nah , this is the third time , ” he said .

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Each was asked to come , Tugiarti said , Jokowi just ordered herbal meeting buffoonery . No other herbs that ordered the Governor of Jakarta .

Jokowi meeting buffoonery like to drink every day . To maintain stamina , he said . Intersection buffoonery was sliced ​​thin and then boiled . The boiled water can be mixed sliced ​​ginger . Finally, the water can be mixed with honey to drink .

Jokowi acknowledge that the recipe has been drunk for years is a prescription ” strong medicine ” to blusukan from village to village .


Members Not Escaped employess, Laskar Merah Putih Bekasi municipal government protests

Red and White Warriors rallied in front of City Hall Patriot Jakarta, Monday ( 19/05/2014 ) . They protested the selection problem of civil service candidates Category 2 which they cause a lot of polemics .

" We are of the Laskar Merah Putih sue and sue the government to restore the rights of our brothers who have passed the test employess , but disallowed graduation , " said Chairman of the Red Army Bekasi White Chaerul Anam at Patriot Hall on Monday afternoon .

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Chaerul said 37 members of the Laskar Merah Putih have passed the selection CPNS . Graduation they have also been set in by the National Selection Committee ( Panselnas ) CPNS 2013. They even have verified the file to UKPD Transportation Agency as the institution in which they are set .

However, when submitted to the Regional Employment Agency ( BKD ) Bekasi , which has signed the file was denied . Chaerul said the reason for the rejection is not clear .

Therefore , the demand Khaerul requested that 37 members of the civil servant who passed the test can be processed and passed back . In addition , they also demand transparency in the verification process BKD employess the Category 2 .

Observation , dozens of members of the Red Army White uniforms striped red - white - black came Bekasi Patriot Center 11.00 . They carried banners reading ” Stop Criminalizing employess ” , “Fire Chief BKD ” , and ” Fight Rat Rat - tie” .


Update the ’ Fandango ’ for movie enthusiast in Windows Phone

Update the ’ Fandango ’ for movie enthusiast in Windows Phone

WASHINGTON - A movie search application , Fandango , which can help find reviews and movie trailers , an update to Windows Phone .
Introduces some new features , the application also allows users to share and recommend movies to friends via Facebook like this , do an update on version 1.7 .

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Launched by WPCentral , Monday ( 05/12/2014 ) , the update is on the increase and a list of theaters the movie page . System for rating movies updated too .

To search for movies , the ” Go Now ” can be used find the movie that is being played in an hour around you . In addition , through the ” Search ” , ” Opening This Week” and ” Top Box Office ” can be found local theaters play movies being near you .

Not only that , the upcoming movie can be known through the ” Advance Tickets ” and ” Feature list” . The update also happens to feature ” Watch Trailer ” because it can be watched in high definition ( HD ) . What is interesting is that there is an exclusive interview and photos of the actual movie .

Finally, this update also brings the reviews , synopsis , also MPAA Rating sertaaMovie Tweets . Do not miss the film score from Metacritic is also a mainstay of this version . Of course , the users and movie lovers in Windows Phone will not miss to immediately mengundung this application in the Windows Phone Store .


The Wife Four Elected regent in Southeast Sulawesi So Legislators

The wives of four regents in Southeast Sulawesi ( Sultra ) designated as local legislatures elect candidates based on the results of legislative elections ( Pileg ) April 9.

Not only that , the province of South East Sulawesi Regional Secretary ‘s wife , Yati origin Nasdem Party Abunawas Lukman , a former regent Muna Waode wife , Siti Nurlaela ( Golkar ) and wife of the former regent Buton , Waode Salmatiah ( Democrat ) also confirmed a member of the Southeast Sulawesi provincial legislature .

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KPU chairman Southeast Sulawesi , Hidayatullah justify , the wives and children of some district officials and members of the city so designated Southeast Sulawesi Provincial Parliament . It was appropriate in the plenary meeting of the Commission for the establishment of elected candidates sultra held on Monday ( 12/05/2014 ) at Zahra Kendari .

" It looks like it does . Granted that these escapes , officials there of children , wives of officials. But also there from the usual , so does our community a diverse choice , depending on how socialization and mobility of the candidates , "said Hidayatullah , Tuesday ( 05/13/2014 ) .

The wives of four regents who escaped was the Syriac Imran , wife of South Konawe Regents of the Golkar Party ; Waode Farida , wife Muna regent ; Murniaty M Ridwan , wife of the regent of North Buton origin of the National Mandate Party ( PAN ) and Isyatin Sham , North Konawe regents wife of the Democratic Party .

While the mayor’s son Kendari , Andriatma Dwi Putra of PAN reap the highest voice as much as 25 . 387 . Then Rev. Ade Primary Imran , son of regent South Konawe Golkar also qualify for the Parliament of South East Sulawesi .

transactional politics

Meanwhile, the regional coordinator of election monitors and Advocacy Center for the Study of Human Rights ( Puspa HAM ) in Southeast Sulawesi , Kisran Makati states , the election official’s family was not separated from the transactional politics massive bureaucratic pressure and systematic .

" Families entering officer candidate plasticity how the district abused his power by pressing the bureaucracy ( head on education ) to the village chief . Not to mention the budget allocated in the wrong place . For example , social assistance funds provided to those who are not entitled to , and used for the benefit of the campaign for family pemenanganan officials or regent , "said Kisran , Tuesday ( 05/13/2014 ) .

For his part, said Kisran , has found some regents and other local officials use state facilities such as the budget and other social assistance for the benefit of the campaign .

" For example Konawe regent North and South Konawe and several other officials use to smooth family of local budgets can be elected to the board , " he added .

political dynasty

Haluoleo political analyst from the University , Kendari , Dr. Eka Suaib judge , the election of a number of families as the official representative of the people in Southeast Sulawesi is a phenomenon that is almost evenly in Indonesia .

It was , said Eka , could lead to a political dynasty irony . It applies as a political dynasty to uphold political democratization and decentralization , which is implemented in Indonesia .

" Our politics is dominated by certain elites and at the time with the fragility of the political consciousness of the people . It’s actually indirectly no hijacking process by elite political party , in this case does not facilitate long in a political party cadres , but it gives an opportunity to the families of officials to public office as a member of the board , " he explained , Tuesday ( 13/05/2014 ) .

According to him , there are three main factors causing the occurrence of dynastic politics in Indonesia . First , society or voters do not know how the information in full or contesting candidates .

" Second , the existence of financial ability in them , so being able to practice money on voter mobilization , since the 2014 election there has been a political phenomenon of money that is very thick , not chosen based on their ideas or thoughts , " said Eka .

And third , the ability of the husband or the father of their networks who occupy elite positions as acting governor or regent , making it easier for them to mobilize to become public officials .

Their desirability as a board member , he said , could have an impact of less optimal role as a legislative or executive or controller government mouthpiece of the people .

" They’re new political culture must be free to criticize the policies issued by the governor . So preferably , before the inauguration , they should be mentally prepared to carry out its function as representatives of the people , " he explained .

For that , Eka suggested that the future government and council elections held simultaneously , so that people can choose the people who have the ability , and political dynasties are not growing as is the case today .

" Elections must be driven simultaneously , but it all depends on the strong willingness of political elites . Because of the political dynasty now very perpetuate power by officials as the family seat of public officials , " he concluded .


' Quick Charging Smartphone Battery Damaging '

Jakarta - For those who are highly mobile and can not be separated from the smartphone to anywhere , quick charging or recharging the battery quickly could be a solution . Unfortunately , adverse effects of staking your smartphone battery in this way .

Quick charging technology is gaining in popularity these days because they can meet the needs of most users of smartphones . Quick charging allows the battery fully charged quickly without having to wait for hours .

Huawei CEO Richard Yu has another opinion about this . As quoted from TechRadar , Friday ( 09/05/2014 ) , at the launch of Ascend P7 in Paris , France , Richard highlighted the problem of this technology .

" Quick charge impact negatively affect the battery life cycle . Condition your battery will be more easily damaged than the age of the cell phone itself , " says Richard .

This condition can be troublesome if the type of smartphone battery can not be removed . Users can not throw it away and replace it with a new battery .

Rather than using a quick charge technology , Huawei preferring to focus prolong battery life . Through R & D division , the China-based company continues to develop battery technology , design and efficiency interface chipset .

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" We are not in a hurry implement quick charging in devices made by us , " he concluded firmly .


Taxable brain inflammation, seizures Toddler’s when Moving

Ningsih Sabwatur Rahmah ( 2 ) , the first child of the couple Muzammil ( 27 ) and Eni Eryanti ( 24 ) , a resident of the Village Peltong , District Prohibition , Pamekasan , experienced a brain inflammation that causes weight losses of up to 7 pounds . In addition , his frequent convulsions when moving too rough .

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Muzammil explained , at birth , the normal condition of his daughter . But eight months later , Ning started abnormalities , seizures that are often accompanied by high fever .

According to Muzammil , since children often fever and convulsions , her weight continued to decline . After 2 years old , weighed only 7 pounds . Seeing the condition of his health continued to decline , Muzammil try alternative treatments and care instructions by some people .

" I try to take it to the shaman massage because my son says the illness convulsions . , But there is no progress , " said Muzammil , Saturday ( 03/05/2014 ) .

After taking medication and alternative treatments , Muzammil took his son went to a pediatrician in Pamekasan . By physicians , Ning was convicted of having meningitis .

"The doctor said there were clumps of fluid in the head that causes blockage of the nerve , " he explained .

Once admitted to the doctor , the day of Ning condition is not getting better , just head getting bigger and intensity of seizures more often . Lately , the left hand can not be moved like Ning is dead . Even when moving too rough , direct Ning convulsions .

" I have to take care of her confusion because the alternative pathway and the pathway doctors are both adopted . Yet I still would not desperate for clues to cure the child , " said Muzammil .

Muzammil everyday just as construction laborers admitted difficulties to finance his treatment . He claimed also not registered for the Social Security Agency ( BPJS ) .

" Suppose there is help from the government to finance the treatment of my son , maybe my load is not too heavy , " he said .


Failed to Provide Bus, Employee Travel Agents Fake Suicide Message

An employee of a travel agency in Japan who forgot to order a number of buses ordered a school for fieldwork students trying to make a trick to remove the error .

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The travel agency JTB Corp. made ​​a fake letter containing a suicide note which resulted in the student ‘s school field trip must be canceled .

JTB Corp. is actually a company of Japan’s largest travel agency . However , one of the employees fail in booking 11 buses that will be used a high school in central Japan for a trip that is scheduled on April 25 .

30 -year -old employee realized his mistake one day before the school trip was undertaken . Instead of admitting mistakes and apologizing , he just planned anything to save himself .

The man who was not identified was then design a message that contains a record of the student who threatened to commit suicide unless the school trip was canceled .

Employee travel agent was then handed the note to the principal and claimed he found the letter near the school .

After questioning more than 300 students , the school decided to continue the planned journey . However , they must be disappointed that none of the buses have been ordered to come .

Finally, Japan Tourism Agency JTB Corp. headquarters came as a result of the incident . The company promised to conduct an internal evaluation and punish employees who ” naughty ” it .

While schools are becoming ” victims ” JTB employee reschedule his journey by using different travel agents .